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Thanksgiving 2019

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, there’s hardly a day that goes by without a mention of gratitude and giving thanks. Here are a few recent posts – take pause and enjoy!


Gratitude at Thanksgiving and All Year-Long  by Linda Roszak Burton


Four Ways Gratitude Helps You with Difficult Feelings


Research suggests that grateful people are more skillful at coping with stress and regulating their emotions. Do the holidays stress you out? Read on…










Take A Gratitude Quiz

Are you truly grateful for the good things in your life—or do you take them for granted?

Take a free gratitude quiz, courtesy of The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.






When expressing gratitude to this person, use this recommended outline:

  • Describe, specifically, their actions and possible sacrifices made on your behalf.   
  • Describe, specifically, how you have benefited.
  • Describe, specifically, why this is meaningful to you.

How will you tell them? (written note, face to face, try to avoid email) The date you will do this by __________

For a free gratitude letter template visit our Gratitude Resource page here




When It’s Hard to be Grateful on Thanksgiving

Imagine the challenges the first settlers endured in 1620. They left everyone they knew and everything that was familiar. The Mayflower carried 102 voyagers across the Atlantic on a 66-day journey full of sickness and storms. Yet, when the harvest season arrived, they set aside three full days to give thanks. In spite of the hardships, there was still much to be grateful for.



How to Find Your Silver Linings Podcast

Do you fixate on what’s going wrong in your life? Poet and “recovering pessimist” Maggie Smith practices looking on the bright side. Recorded 9/19/2019 25:44






Looking for a special gift for someone coping with anxiety, stress, or loss this holiday season? Consider giving –

Gratitude Heals ~ A Journal for Inspiration and Guidance.

Or, maybe you simply believe we all need a little more gratitude in our lives.

Available on Amazon.


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