Service is not doing what's required of us,
service is doing more than what's required of us.
Simon Sinek

Gratitude Research/Resources

Over the last decade, research on the varied health and wellness benefits of gratitude has become more mainstream and accessible. We hope to connect you with the latest studies and resources that focus on the concept of gratitude, its applications in daily life and in your organization.

Let DRW share the latest research on gratitude to improve your workplace culture!

We offer a variety of programs to support your learning and development infrastructure. Call us at 410-750-8335 or email Our programs bring evidence-based practices to improve employee engagement and the newest applications to employee wellness programs. Don’t forget to check out our blog!

DRW Gratitude Programs – Consider one of these topics for your organization or association:

  • Discovering the Health and Well-Being Benefits of Gratitude
  • The Neuroscience of Gratitude – What Leaders Need to Know About This New Neural Knowledge
  • Gratitude – The Positive Impact on Employee Engagement and a Healthy Work Environment

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Gratitude Articles – Downloads

Wharton Healthcare Quarterly – Winter 2017 The Neuroscience of Gratitude by Linda Roszak Burton

Wharton Healthcare Quarterly – Fall 2016 Discovering the Health and Wellness Benefits of Gratitude by Linda Roszak Burton

DRW Gratitude Letter Exercise Writing a letter of gratitude to someone who has made a difference in your life is one of the most highly recommended (and meaningful) activities for practicing gratitude. Download this exercise for your personal gratitude practice. 

DRW Gratitude MAPS Activity  Use this Gratitude MAPS activity as an easy way to structure your gratitude practice and attain the greatest healing, health, and well-being benefits.

Coming soon! Gratitude Heals® A Journal for Inspiration and Guidance. A 160-page journal designed to create a sustainable gratitude practice and help achieve the proven healing benefits of gratitude. This journal includes: easy to understand descriptions of the latest research on the health and wellness benefits of gratitude; supportive coaching and practice techniques; inspirational quotes; references; and resources.

Coming Summer 2018. 

Upcoming Presentations

Podcast – The Art of Grateful Leadership Jim Trela will interview Linda Roszak Burton on the Neuroscience of Gratitude. Date to be announced soon.


Past Presentations

The Leadership Development Group Community of Practice Webinar -The Neuroscience of Gratitude – Coaching Success Factors. Invited. March 2018

Leadership Center For Excellence, The Neuroscience of Gratitude – What Leaders Need to Know About This New Neural Knowledge. Tyson’s Corner, VA. Invited. February 2018

The Center for Grateful Leadership The Neuroscience of Gratitude. Recording available, pass-code grateful  Live Q&A Sessions with Judith Ulmas. Featured guest. January 2018

Webinar Series – GratitudeDiscovering the Health and Well-Being Benefits. Featured guest, Z. Colette Edwards, MD – Session 3 of 3 – November 8, 2017

Webinar Series – GratitudeWhat Employers Should Know About the Positive Impact on Employee Engagement. Session 2 of 3 – October 11, 2017

Webinar Series – Let’s Celebrate World Gratitude DayDiscover the Research on the Personal and Organizational Benefits of Gratitude. Session 1 of 3 – September 13, 2017

Rotary Club of Frederick, Gratitude – The Positive Impact on Employee Engagement and a Healthy Work Environment. Frederick, MD. Invited. September 2017

Rotary Club of Howard County West, Discovering the Health and Wellness Benefits of Practicing Gratitude. Ellicott City, MD. Invited. September 2017

Rotary Club of Olney, The Neuroscience of Gratitude – What Leaders Need to Know About This New Neural Knowledge. Olney, MD. Invited. Presented July 2017. Attendee: “Very informative presentation and inspirational.”

Rotary Club of Towson, The Health and Wellness Benefits of Gratitude. Towson, MD. Invited. Presented June 2017. Attendee: “Very interesting and thought provoking.”

University of Maryland – St. Joseph Medical Center, 6th Annual Women’s Health Conference, Discovering the Personal Health and Wellness Benefits of Gratitude. Towson, Maryland. Invited. Presented May 2017.

The Rotary Club of Ellicott City, The Health and Wellness Benefits of Gratitude. Ellicott City, MD. Invited. Presented May 2017.

The Rotary Club of Catonsville, Discovering the Personal Health Benefits of Gratitude. Catonsville, MD. Invited. Presented May 2017.

ORCHSE, Strategies, LLC, Global Health, Safety and Environment Forum, The Neuroscience of Gratitude – The Positive Impact on Rewards and Recognition Programs. Washington, D.C. Invited. Presented February 2017.

Additional Resources

A Gratitude Presentation of Healing Quotes  Download Gratitude Heals® [35 MB]

A Gratitude Reflection

Take a Gratitude Quiz

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