Service is not doing what's required of us,
service is doing more than what's required of us.
Simon Sinek

Coaching in Healthcare

DRW Inc., provides leadership and team coaching services to support targeted business outcomes. Using a proven coaching methodology and the latest research and evidence-based practices, organizations are able to fortify a culture of accountability, trust, respect and performance-based collaboration.

Grateful Leadership Coaching – This coaching program is designed and developed based on a needs assessment of culture and wellness initiatives and informed by current research and evidence-based practices in gratitude, neuroscience, and positive psychology. A kick-off session and a series of 2-hour coaching modules include individual values assessment, Everything DiSC, and development of strength-based SMART gratitude goals for individual, team/unit, department, and institution. Delivery of this coaching program extends over a period of time, minimum three-months, to ensure continuity of learning and adequate time for reflection, individualization, and application of program and practice techniques with emphasis on personal best, team, and organizational impact.

Executive Coaching – Senior leaders often struggle with the need to create alignment with their leadership team and empower and inspire their workforce. AND, achieve results! Our executive coaching engagement gives you the guidance to motivate and inspire your team to great performance. We know from research, that high levels of patient care and satisfaction and retention of an educated and motivated workforce requires innovative leadership practices and progressive thinking. Let us partner with you to do just that.

Team Coaching – Team coaching at the unit, department or organizational level calls upon employee engagement as a best practice in performance improvement. Our team coaching services bring together employees and leaders to promote the exchange of ideas for increasing collaboration and engagement for the achievement of targeted business outcomes. Depending on client outcomes, this team coaching program can include Wiley Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team with DiSC Assessment.

Individual Coaching  – DRW also offers individual coaching services to assist individuals in their leadership development efforts, assimilation to a new role, and/or achieve professional/career goals. Clients set the goals, strategies, and actions and coach helps guide the process of insight, clarity, and goal attainment.