We coach leaders who want to create a positive,
psychological safe, and inspiring work environment. Bringing best practices in positive psychology,
gratitude, and neuroscience.

Executive Coaching

DRW Inc., provides leadership and team coaching services to support targeted business outcomes. Using a proven coaching methodology and the latest research and evidence-based practices in positive psychology and contemporary neuroscience, organizations are able to fortify a culture of accountability, trust, respect and performance-based collaboration.

A coaching engagement is a powerful experience. Using tools, theories, and techniques from behavioral, social, and organizational science disciplines, the coaching process is deeply reflective, aimed at helping individuals productively change the ways they think and interact. Through the power of the coaching relationship, leaders and teams expand beyond their personal capacity to create the results they most desire and develop themselves toward the goals and purpose they choose.

Executive Coaching – Our one-on-one, leadership coaching for executives fosters new ways of thinking, acting, and leading to achieve professional outcomes and business results. Let us partner with you to do just that.

Leadership Team Coaching –  Our combination of team and one-on-one coaching is a powerful way to meet the specific needs and desired outcomes of your organization. Leadership team coaching engagements promote the exchange of ideas for increasing trust, collaboration, and engagement for the achievement of targeted business outcomes.

Grateful Leadership Coaching – This unique coaching program is designed and developed based on a needs assessment of culture and wellness initiatives and informed by current research and evidence-based practices in gratitude, neuroscience, and positive psychology.

Individual Coaching  – DRW also offers individual coaching services to assist individuals in their leadership development efforts, assimilation to a new role, and/or achieve professional/career goals.