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Gratitude on This D-Day Anniversary 2019

As we approach the 75th anniversary of D-Day we’ll likely be moved by the stories of heroism, loss of life, and a greater awareness of the freedoms we enjoy today. This Day of remembrance, reminds me of when I toured the German concentration camp, Auschwitz, the haunting images still vivid in my mind, and the meaningfulness of the words – liberty and justice for all.

It’s through remembering the bad, a gratitude practice technique, that allows us to reflect on difficult times in life, and with hindsight, recognize the strengths and resources that helped us through hard times, made us more resilient, and prepared us for tough times that are inevitably a part of our existence.

It shouldn’t take an anniversary as significant as the invasion of Omaha Beach to be more cognizant of gratitude and therefore open to experiencing the many health and wellbeing benefits.

Nor, should we only reflect on our blessings when we meet up with challenges of anxiety, grief, and fear. In his book, The Little Book of Gratitude (2016), Robert A. Emmons, PhD, writes “most people intuitively know when they should feel grateful…but it remains a transient and unpredictable occurrence.”

D-Day remembrance will pass, and we’ll quickly slump back into the negativity and critic-fueled environments of our workplace, social media and living communities. Gratitude is a choice and available to almost everyone. Choose to make gratitude a part of your existence in these environments and tap into its healing and transformative powers.

On this upcoming Father’s Day, we’re sending a special message of gratitude to all the father’s serving or who have served in the military. Thank you for your service and dedication to our freedom.



To my fellow Va Tech Hokies – Ut Prosim That I May Serve Thank you for your service.
Permission to use this image granted by Colonel R. S. “Rock” Roszak, USAF (Retired). Col Roszak designed this image to honor VT alumni lost in the line of duty since 9-11.





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