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Does Gratitude Play a Role in Managing Conflict?


I was asked this question during one of our conflict management programs. Knowing the link between gratitude and pro-social behaviors, and the need to consider another person’s perspective, a deeper discussion ensued. I believe gratitude does play a role, and I’ve begun to examine research that supports this concept and under what circumstances. More about that in our next blog post.

In the interim, here’s what I found:

Two studies, one supporting the relationship between gratitude and self-control during conflict, the other challenging these findings.






Another study in the Journal of Personal Relationships, found expressing gratitude helps to protect marriages from adverse effects of conflict. Consistent gratitude and appreciation  lessens the likelihood of marital instability.






Found this cartoon! 





And, this great quote! 

The way to move out of judgement is to move into gratitude” ― Neale Donald Walsch




In our next blog post, we’ll explore the behavioral responses to conflict and the role gratitude plays in reframing, communicating, and managing conflict.

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