Service is not doing what's required of us,
service is doing more than what's required of us.
Simon Sinek

OD Consulting

Is your organization moving toward these important measures of success:

  • Consistency in high levels of customer or patient satisfaction?
  • Positive industry reputation?
  • Innovative, engaged employees committed to service excellence?
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction, engagement and retention?
  • Financial stability?

Our experience and existing research demonstrates that change in a critical part of the system without consideration of leadership capabilities, employee engagement and organizational culture, will lead to short lived success.

Let us help facilitate positive changes in your organization to help achieve your most important measures of success.

Where to Begin

Organization Assessment – To support your organization change initiative, we start with an organizational assessment which includes the development of an observation guide specific to your organization or facility, administration of on-site observations, patient or customer interviews, internal stakeholder interviews, and multi-discipline focus groups. Only then can you and your leadership have clarity of the current state of awareness and readiness to properly inform an organization-wide initiative.

Organization Design – Our assessment process illuminates the themes in your organization’s strengths, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and challenges. The resulting short and long term strategies and recommendations are aligned with current research and best practices. And, more importantly, designed around your unique organization’s needs.

Gallup Business Journal, Most Change Initiatives Fail, But They Don’t Have To, 2014 – 70% of employees in the US are disengaged, intellectually and emotionally with their work. 

HBR, Cracking the Code, 2000, 70% of all corporate initiatives fail.