We coach leaders who want to create a positive,
psychological safe, and inspiring work environment. Bringing best practices in positive psychology,
gratitude, and neuroscience.

Education & Training Programs

Our education and specialized training programs are designed to provide growth and development opportunities for you and your team.  The following programs can be customized around your specific needs and are powerful complements to our leadership and team coaching services.

For information on our gratitude programs click here Gratitude Research and Resources

Coaching for Excellence  This 2-day leadership training program supports managers of all levels learn coaching skills to support leadership effectiveness. Specifically, coaching as a powerful leadership tool (v. mentoring, managing, etc.) is defined and critical coaching competencies are explored and practiced.  A transformational coaching framework is introduced that supports managers’ abilities to engage in conversations to promote employee engagement, accountability, and ownership of performance.  The framework provides a model to support more effective performance, including disciplinary, discussions.

Managing Workplace Conflict  In today’s dynamic and stressful world, conflict is inevitable.  When managed effectively, conflict can support more satisfying work relationships and improved business outcomes.  When avoided or mismanaged, conflict can have dire results—for the organization and those it serves.  In this one-day program, participants build conflict competence by understanding the role that conflict plays in achieving performance goals. Emphasis is placed on learning skills and strategies that build a team’s capacity to resolve differences and communicate more effectively.  Pre-work for this course includes the completion of the Conflict Dynamics Profile® instrument, a powerful tool to enhance awareness of one’s personal conflict management style.

Team Strengths Exploration. Leveraging findings from the area of positive psychology and the Everything DiSC® assessment, this one-day program provides your team the opportunity to discover and map individual and team strengths.  After an interactive strength exploration discussion, the team identifies meaningful ways in which strengths can be applied to support job satisfaction and performance results.

According to the Gallup Organization, people who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. Gallup’s studies also show that using strengths leads to improved health and wellness outcomes. These well-being advantages, in turn, benefit employers through higher productivity, fewer sick days, lower incidence of chronic disease, and fewer health-related expenses from their employees.