Service is not doing what's required of us,
service is doing more than what's required of us.
Simon Sinek

Linking Employee Engagement to Healthcare Performance Outcomes

Strong evidence links the dual focus on patient satisfaction and employee engagement as integral to a patient-centered culture and as a predictor of improved HCAHPS scores. This growing body of research has also been cited as a guide for organizations seeking to improve the expanding CMS CAHPS surveys including ICH CAHPS, Hospice CAHPS, ED CAHPS, OS CAHPS, etc.

Armed with the latest evidence-based research and best practices in human and organizational development, DRW’s programs and services supports the crucial alignment between organizational performance measures, leader capabilities and staff accountability.

DRW services are being delivered in a variety of health care settings including academic medical centers, community-based hospitals and ambulatory/outpatient centers.

A study by the Gallup Organization showed that high levels of engagement are linked with high HCAHPS scores in these key ways:

  • There is a strong positive relationship between patient satisfaction scores and employee engagement.
  • Before hospital employees can engage patients, hospitals must meet workers’ basic needs.
  • Executive support of employee engagement is crucial for generating strong HCAHPS scores.